Air Source Heat Pump Grant

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Did You Know?

  • You Could Be Eligible For A FREE Air Source Heat Pump As Part Of The Gov Backed ECO4 Scheme!

Heat your home with a cleaner, greener heating system by installing a FREE air source heat pump via ECO4.

Homeowners and private tenants are increasingly looking for alternative and greener ways to save money on electricity bills, an Air Source Heat Pump Could Be The Solution As They Are An Extremely Effective & Energy Efficient Method of Heating Your Home.

Why Are Air Source Heat Pumps More Effective?

Air source heat pumps extract air from outside, raise the temperature, and use the resulting warmth to heat your home and water.

While they require electricity to operate, they extract renewable heat from the environment, which means that the heat output is much greater than the electricity input. This makes air source heat pumps a highly efficient method of heating your home.

In comparison, a new gas boiler has an efficiency rate of around 90%, whereas an air source heat pump has an average efficiency rate of 350%, making it a significantly more energy-efficient way to heat your home.

How Can I Qulaify For An ECO4 Grant?

3 Routes To Qualify

  1. Qualification 1

Homeowners or private tenants in receipt of a qualifying income related benefit may qualify if your home has an EPC rating of E,F or G.

  1. Qualification 2

If You’re a landlord, and your tenant claims benefits, you may encourage them to apply for the grant, thus improving your properties energy efficiency and saving the tenant hundreds of pounds every year.

  1. Qualification 3

Lastly, we have agreements with selected local authorities throughout Scotland to offer our customers access to the ‘Flexible Eligibility Scheme’ (LA FLEX) to offer access to the ECO4 scheme whether on benefits or not.


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